Lumen v1.0

Shine a light on DeFi lending

Lumen is a proof-of-funds system for institutional, onchain credit. Privacy-preserving borrower attestations empower lenders to more efficiently price lending pools, extend credit limits and reduce default risk.

Confidentially prove funds

Borrowers complete attestations at the lender's request by proving they hold funds in exchanges. No position nor trade history doxxing required.

Manage risk more clearly

Request additional attestations and ensure covenants are maintained for the lifetime of the onchain loan.

Visible, efficient lending

Real-world asset and under-collateralized lending markets alike benefit from Lumen by offering more competitive APRs and decreasing default risk.
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Lumen v1.0

Attest to funds from every major exchange

Why Lumen

Trust based on transparency

What is the key to unlock faster expansion of real-world and under-collateralized assets onchain? Read our report on the history of DeFi, CeFi, and what the future needs for onchain lending to grow for the long-term.

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Trust and Transparency

Preserve privacy with Lumen's Secure Enclave

Lumen's enclave is a highly secure and isolated environment where sensitive operations, like proving ownership of assets using zero-knowledge proofs and confidential computing, are conducted. It enables all parties to have confidence in the integrity of the verification process, all while remaining private, secure, and compliant.